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Students will grasp new sentences and expressions.

2. Ability objectives

Students’ listening skill and speaking skill will be improved.

Students will be able to use “and” “then”to connect two simple sentences and describe their school day.

3. Moral objectives

Students will be able to talk about their school day with others and cultivate their learning interest.

IV. Teaching key points

1. Key vocabulary-half, past, o’clock, to, lesson, like, difficult, love, because, interesting.

2. Key structures--its half past six.We have Chinese at eight o’clock.

Teaching difficult points

1. How to ask and express time correctly.

2. How to describe a school day.

V. Teaching Method

Interactive approach; task-based approach

VI: Teaching procedures





Teachers draw a watch on her hand and ask students “what time is it now?”Then students answer in Chinese.Teacher teaches how to say in English.To arise students\' attention.

4Pre-listeningTeacher asks students to review numbers 1~10,11~20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90

Teacher teaches students how to ask time and teach new words.To lead in teaching materials and prepare for while-listening.

103While-listeningTeacher introduces the background of the passage.To make students master the gist of the passage.5

Then teacher play the tap and answer some questions.

To make students get information on their own.8

Teacher play the tap again and ask students to read follow it.To make students grasp expressions and improve the real communication.7Post-reading

Teacher asks students to work in pair to discuss their school day then ask one representative share his/her answer.

To make students learn how to express a school day.


VII. Homework

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  • [教案] 《Unit 1 I love history.》公开课教案下载初中英语外研版七年级上册

    1)能够借助past, half past?,?to?来正确的表达时间。2)能听懂时间的表达方式及分辨学校的科目3) 能够谈论学校的课程及上课的时间3. 情感目标:让学生乐于谈论学校生活,培养学生良好的学习愿望和兴趣。教学重点与难点:能够谈论学校的课程及上课的时间。学情分析:由于学生在小学时学习过实义动词的一般现在时的句型,之前也已经学习过数字,所以本课的重点句型及时间的表达方式学生很容易掌握。本模块的话题贴近学生的实际生活,学生比较感兴趣,乐于运用所学知识来和同伴在较为真实的语境中进行交流。教学方法:1.创设情境法,通过视频、图片等,创设情境激发学生的兴趣。2.小组合作法,以小组为单位来进行学习。教学准备:多媒体课件、点读笔等。六:教学过程:[课前延伸]预习词汇:布
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    4. To talk about one’s lessons with given information.ⅣTeaching ObjectivesKey vocabulary: half, past, o’clock, art, geography, history, IT, maths, (AM E math ), PE ( physical education ), lesson, then, difficult, love, subject, because, interesting, talk, begin, whenKey structures: It’s six o’clock .It’s half past six .ⅤTeaching aidsTape recorder , OHP , video , a clockⅥTeaching StepsStep 1 Warming-up1. Show some pictures to explain time expressions.2. Listen and repeat the time.3. Ask and answer. What time is it?1.__________ 2.__________ 3.__________ 4.__________4. Call back the answer from the whole class and
    外研版《Unit 1 I love history.》教案模板初中英语
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    3.一般现在时的陈述句形式(主语为主语为I, they, we, you)。项目内容应对措施教学重点①用What’s the time?/What time is it? 来询问时间及用half past, past, to 来表示时间。②用What time is your ... lesson? We have ..., we don’t have…. Do you have...? 等句型来谈论课程。图片,音频,视频,同伴合作,教学难点1.用past, to 来表示时间。2.用英语谈论课程和喜好。图片,音频,视频,同伴合作,二、学习者特征分析(说明学生的已有知识基础、学习习惯等信息)农村中学学生的英语基础较薄弱,有出现两极分化的现象。因此,在学习本单元前组织学生以小组的形式共同学习新单词及预习本单元。通过互帮互助使学生的基础较均衡。三、学习环境选择1.学习环境选择(A B )A.简易多
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  • [教案] 《Unit 1 I love history.》获奖教学设计下载初中英语七年级上册外研版

    第五模块学时第一学时年级七年级教学目标学生能够熟练的掌握本节关于学科的单词:half, past, o’clock, art, geography, history, maths, PE, IT, lesson, like, difficult, love, subject, because, interesting, love学生能听懂时间的表达法,并且可以分辨学校的科目,并适当扩展些与当地学生所学习的科目名称。学生能够理解a school day 的对话和老师知道学生通过听力获取信息,培养听力技能。学生能在小组活动中和同伴一起去谈论学校所开设的课程和上课时间。学生能积极主动的去用这堂课所学的内容去谈论他们自己所喜欢的课表设计以及他们自己的学校生活,并学会与同伴分享自己的最喜欢的课表。学习者分析知识结构分析:学生通过六年的小学英语的学习过程有一定的英语学习基础已经能
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    time expressions 2. the simple present tenseThe students are glad to talk about school life and study hardStep 1 Warm-up and lead-inReview some sentences.Greeting.T: Good morning, boys and girls.Ss: Good morning Mr liangT: How are you today?Ss: Fine, thanks.T: What day is it today?Ss: It’s Monday?T: Today is our school day. How many days are there in a week?Ss: There are ...T:Today we are going to talk about our school day ,at first ,look at the picture,. What is this in the picture?(show the picture of a clock)Ss: It's a clock...Step2 Learning time expressionsAnd do you know how to read time? Look at the picture.--What’s the t
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  • [教案] 七年级上册初中英语外研版《Unit 1 I love history.》公开课教案下载

    学时1学时年级七年级二、教学目标Teaching aims:1.Knowledge objectives:1) To learn the present simple tense (affirmative and negative forms of declarative sentences).2) To understand time expressions and identify school subjects.3 )To master the sentence structures with at, in, on2.Ability objectives:1) To understand conversations about “a school day”.2) To talk about one’s lessons with given information.3.Morality objectives:1) To value every subject.2) To make good use of time to study.三、学习者分析七年级学生学习英语的热情较高,课堂气氛活跃,乐于参与课堂活动。本节课的学生有一定的英语基础,基本能听懂老师的课堂用语和指令,有利于课
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    二、教学重点难点Teaching important points : 1. words and expressions2. at, on, in 3. the simple present tenseTeaching difficult points :1. time expressions 2. the simple present tense三、教具PPT四、教学过程教学环节教 师 活 动学 生 活 动设计意图Step 1Warm-up1. Review numbers.2.Show a big clock to the students. Ask“What’s the time?”Say out the following numbers: four, five, ten,fourteen,fifteen,twenty,twenty—two, thirty, forty, fifty .Look at the clock .They may say“one twenty”为学习“表达时间”做准备激发学生兴趣,自然导出话题。Step2Speaking andlistening1. Write on the Bb:Module 5 Unit 1---What’s the time ?---It’s…3.Move
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    Teaching important points : 1. words and expressions 2. at, on, in3. the simple present tenseTeaching difficult points : 1. time expressions 2. key sentencesTeaching methods: Communicative approachTeaching Procedure:Step1 Warming upThere is a riddle on the screen. Can you guess? Yes,it’s a clock. It can tell me the time. Let talk about the time : What time is it now?-It’s...Step2.Presentation.1.Teach time expressions and words.Look at the pictures. Listen and repeat the time.Ask and answer: --What’s the time ? / What time is it ? --It’s…Present another saying of the time with“o’clock, past, half past, to”Practise exp
    《Unit 1 I love history.》优质课教案下载外研版七年级上册
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    《Unit 1 I love history.》优质课教案下载-南平市优课
    外研版《Unit 1 I love history.》公开课教学设计七年级上册初中英语